It's our fifth year.

We've got seven tracks of content.

It’s A Week for Startups and Upstarts.

Welcome to Longmont Startup Week!

Longmont Startup Week is a collaborative annual gathering in Longmont, Colorado, for entrepreneurs, intrepreneurs, investors and talent that invigorates and nurtures Longmont’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by leveraging Longmont’s unique human, social, and physical assets.

Longmont Startup Week 2019 is a week for startups and upstarts. Entrepreneurs at all levels striving to make their passion project a thriving business (or accelerate their current trajectory) will find content that turbo-charges their venture. This extraordinary week will give you real-world tools and knowledge to launch, expand, and grow your venture. We’re so excited for this year!

All events are FREE to attend and provide outstanding learning and networking opportunities.

Join us July 22-26,2019.


Volunteers are the heart of Longmont Startup Week! Without our volunteers, this incredible week of events benefiting Longmont’s local startup community wound not be possible.

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LSW19 offers a variety of community events to connect with other founders and upstarts, mentors and funders, resources and valuable connections.

Want to mentor (or be mentored)? Our Thursday night Wisdom & Drinks session offers a chance to connect. Click here for more information »


Whether you are looking to gain branding exposure, test out an API, or support a local entrepreneurial community, sponsorship of Longmont Startup Week gives companies firsthand discovery, experience, and interaction with a unique group of the upstarts, entrepreneurs, makers, and do-ers.
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Our seven-track event offers inspiring and enlightening content throughout the entire week.

Our core three tracks of Idea, Seed, and Growth offer lifecycle-specific content for upstarts just beginning their journey to startups looking to scale. This is where the magic happens! These sessions are targeted to different upstarts at different stages (although, of course, you are welcome to attend which events you please!).

Our complementary four tracks of Design, Developer, Storyteller, and Frontier offer real-world tools and knowledge. Whether it’s better design thinking tools or exciting innovations in virtual reality – or even just how to create a better video – these tracks equip you with important skills.

  • IDEA
  • SEED

Venue Reference Guide



Stories of Success

This year, we’re highlighting success stories of companies and ventures Founded in Longmont. Our startups and entrepreneurs build an incredible entrepreneurial ecosystem and culture. Longmont Startup Week is an opportunity to celebrate Longmont’s entrepreneurial history – and it’s an entrepreneurial hub for decades because of the many companies who were founded here or have been here since their early days.

Longmont has flourished with startups since before being a startup was cool. We will be highlighting as many Longmont founders and companies founded in Longmont as possible.

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