PEAK|2016 Keynote – Elton Rivas – “How a Crowdfunding Festival Transformed a City to Support Startups”

Elton Rivas – co-founder of Jacksonville Florida’s transformational startup funding festival with over 100,000 attendees in its first year. This is a unique opportunity to hear directly from a community game changer!


A newly married, serial entrepreneur and lover of all things outdoors, Elton Rivas is well versed in the challenges of launching a company. Elton is the founder/co-founder/advisor of businesses ranging from construction to footwear to tech start-ups.

For the past decade, Elton has focused on bringing new ideas to life. He had a background in corporate marketing, but left that world behind with a goal to reinvigorate the entrepreneurial community in Jacksonville, Florida. To that end, he launched CoWork Jax, downtown Jacksonville’s first coworking space, and co-founded One Spark, a six-day event for creators where they can connect with the people and resources they need to make their great ideas reality. One Spark is the World’s Largest Crowdfunding Festival and in its first three years brought together over 1,500 Creators and over half a million people.

Elton’s current focus is Prota Ventures, a venture building and early-stage investment firm based in Chicago, Seattle and Jacksonville where he serves as a partner.

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